PayNow Only

Masjid Bencoolen

Address: 59 Bencoolen Street #01-01 Singapore 189630

Contact: 6333 3016



How Do I Donate?

  1. Open your preferred Mobile Banking App and turn to the PayNow function on your App.
  2. Select the function to scan a QR Code.
  3. Scan the QR Code below.
  4. Confirm that the account name corresponds to the name of your selected charity or organization.
  5. Enter your intended donation amount and complete your donation.

If you are viewing this on your mobile device, press and hold on the QR Code below to save the QR Code image to your phone.

In the PayNow function in your Mobile Banking App, click on the option to access your images album and select the QR Code image that you have just saved.

This mosque had requested to be removed from the Tabung.SG platform. Tabung.SG will respect this request and will no longer facilitate the collection of donations, whether single or recurring donations, for this mosque.

You may still make direct donations to these mosques using their UEN or PayNow QR Codes through your own banking app. We provide such publicly available information as a matter of convenience and ease of reference for you. As per the mosque’s request, Tabung.SG confirms that this mosque is not affiliated with and/or is not cooperating with Tabung.SG in any manner.

We operate this platform to be of service to the community as well as to the mosques and Muslim charities. We will be more than happy to work with this mosque if they decide to engage Tabung.SG for full donation features in the future.

Please do help us email and/or reach out to your mosque or Muslim charity if you would like them to be listed on Tabung.SG.

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