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Muhammadiyah Association

Address: 14 Jalan Selamat, Singapore 418534
Contact: 62427388

Muhammadiyah Association (MA) is an organisation established in 1957. The association was officially registered as a Welfare Organization under the Charities Act in 1989.

Since its inception, MA has dedicated themselves to serving the needs of the community through Dakwah (missionary works), Welfare and Education, benefitting an average of 10,000 individuals a year.

The organisation manages six other institutions namely Muhammadiyah Welfare Home, Muhammadiyah Health and Day Care Centre, Madrasah Al-Arabiah Al-Islamiah, Muhammiyah Islamic College, KABA Weekend Madrasah, Muhammadiyah Kindergarten and is also the fifth MSF-appointed agency for fostering in Singapore under the name Projek Sinar Ihsan.

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Our Charities function as a conduit between the Muslim community in Singapore and members of the public towards their chosen objective to focus their caritable work on.

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