The Team


From Left to Right: Muhammad Noralfian, Ridzwan Jasni, Zayed Talib, Muneera Shah, Ahmad Firdaus, Nadiah Mohamed Shah, Nadia Ja'afar, Muhammad Mohsin, Noor Azhar Mohamed. Not in pic: Mohammad Noor Farhan Mohd Rasam, Sazzali Sabandi



Ahmad Firdaus is a lawyer and a community activist. He practised commercial and criminal litigation in top firms as well as with the Pro Bono Services Office and is presently ASEAN general counsel for Avaya Inc, a global enterprise communications company. He also volunteers his legal expertise to charities and has been elected/appointed to the boards of Yayasan Mendaki, *Scape, TAA Trust Fund and various other committees and organizations. He is also on the National Council against Drug Abuse. 


He is married and has a 2-year old son. He and his wife, Muneera, saw a need to help modernize donation channels from our community to our mosques and Muslim organizations. He is grateful to have a team of highly skilled friends on this noble endeavour. 



Ridzwan Jasni enjoys interacting with people from all walks of life. He finds great joy understanding different perspectives and having intellectual discussions. He is married with 3 young kids and actively seeks “what else can he contribute to the community with the skillset and experience that he had gained”. He strongly believes that positivity spreads and breeds positivity. He is passionate about “making a difference” to people’s lives, no matter how small.


Ridzwan was from NTU and had been with Royal Dutch Shell since graduation. He started as a mechanical engineer and eventually led a team of engineers before being appointed as an Internal Auditor who travelled the world extensively for work. Currently, he is a regional technical consultant for Shell Aviation for Asia Pacific and pursuing his “Sijil Lanjutan Pengajian Islam” from Pergas. 



Muhammad Noralfian is an educator and advocate for the arts. Upon graduation from NTU, Alfian worked as a marine superintendent before embarking on a career in education and the arts. As an educator, Alfian coaches and mentors students from diverse backgrounds including the disadvantaged and those with learning difficulties. He believes in instilling love for learning, not only for his students but also their families. 


As the managing director of Anggerik Temasek Bangsawan, together with his team, he has successfully managed to revive the love and passion for the art of Bangsawan. He is a strong advocate for the arts and arts education for all. Happily married with 2 young daughters, Alfian is constantly looking out for entrepreneurial ventures and opportunities to give back to the community.



Sazzali Sabandi is a banking professional with over 12 years of experience in wealth management and corporate banking. As the Deputy Head of Islamic Banking, he takes  great satisfaction in helping his peers navigate their financial landscape.


A graduate of Singapore Management University, he is passionate about history and technology. He firmly believes that the digitization of financial services will provide unique opportunities for all stakeholders. In his free time he prefers activities, such as online games and trekking, where people can maintain social-distancing.



Muhammad Mohsin is a Software Engineer who spent over 6 years in Silicon Valley working for Google, before moving back to Sunny Singapore in 2019. He recently got married and is currently a co-founder/CTO of a startup that aims to help teams develop themselves in the workplace. Aside from tackling tough technical challenges, he enjoys mentoring junior engineers to help them realise their full potential.


Muhammad is passionate about using technology to solve real-world problems and make an impact on the lives of others. He believes that a small team of passionate, well-rounded people is all you need to accomplish great things and is excited to be part of the team.



Zayed Talib is an eCommerce consultant. Having worked in the digital space with Ogilvy & Mather for clients such as Google, Cisco, EDB and Unilever, he turned to building eCommerce businesses for the last 8 years. 

Working with a team towards a common goal is his specialty and it brings him joy to be able to contribute to this project.



Mohammad Noor Farhan Mohd Rasam is a customer operations manager. A proactive and customer focused individual who is willing to roll up his sleeves and provide customers/users and his current team at Razer Inc. with the highest level of service and assistance possible.


He always dreams of being part of a project where he can give back to the community. Thanks to his brother in law(yer), Firdaus, he is now part of a team of incredibly talented individuals whose ideals are to give their all to make something simple like donation, easy for everyone.



Noor Azhar Mohamed is a branding, design and communication practitioner and educator; a performing arts trainer and advocator; and most recently a pedagogy specialist in the IHL (Institutes of Higher Learning) sphere. Professionally, Azhar has spent a decade in the creative advertising industry before moving on to be a Senior Lecturer, and Senior Education Advisor at Singapore Polytechnic. Continuing to build his portfolio in education, he is currently an Assistant Director at the Nanyang Technological University.


Azhar finds time to contribute to the community through his volunteer work, particularly in the area of Bangsawan performance and training for young performers, spearheading a kindness movement locally and also creative mentorship at the Cannes Lions and the Spikes Asia creative festivals. Azhar also finds joy in discovering new experiences parenting his 3 young girls, and astronomy. 



Muneera Shah seeks to make the world a better place, one cake at a time. She lived for 11 years in the USA where she trained in architecture before returning to Singapore. She has worked with local and international architectural firms, and real estate developers. She stepped away from corporate life to raise her toddler son creatively while running a home-based baking business where she finds great pleasure and therapy in cooking and baking for friends and loved ones.


She has volunteered with local family shelters, soup kitchens, and built homes for the underprivileged in Indonesia and the USA. Together with her husband, Firdaus, Muneera hopes that Tabung.SG will be a platform where there are no barriers to giving back, regardless of your location in this world. 



Nadia Ja'afar first started to cultivate a deeper interest in the importance of user experience (UX) and how it implicates on the design of everyday life, during her Diploma years. Thus, upon graduation, she decided to learn the ropes of understanding human needs and behaviour better by being a practitioner in the UX industry and is currently in her 6th year.


Outside of work, Nadia used to be a volunteer in the local UX community with the intention of growing with like-minded people and contributing back. She was also part of the planning team in its conference - focusing mainly on crafting an enjoyable yet meaningful experience for the volunteer team. Now as a new mum, Nadia is constantly thinking of creative ways to give her daughter a memorable childhood.



Nadiah Mohamed Shah dreams of world peace and strives to achieve it by fighting the patriarchy and educating the young on the pitfalls of capitalism and democracy. She is a Social Studies and English language teacher in a madrasah, and always learning new ways to make learning exciting for herself and her students.


Like most millennials, Nadiah seeks fulfilment in and outside her work, and has been involved in many voluntary organizations and projects for the community. She learnt how to be an influencer by understanding the social media tools and techniques for fun, often helping friends with their branding and building their business presence online. Nadiah also enjoys forest bathing (walking through nature without phone) and is a proud member of the BTS Army.


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