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These mosques have submitted written notices to be removed from the Tabung.SG platform. Tabung.SG will respect the decisions of these mosques and will no longer facilitate the collection of donations, whether single or recurring donations, for the following mosques:

- Masjid Al-Ansar

- Masjid Al-Firdaus

- Masjid Al-Islah

- Masjid Alkaff (Upper Serangoon)

- Masjid Alkaff Kampung Melayu

- Masjid Al-Mawaddah

- Masjid Al-Mukminin

- Masjid Al-Muttaqin

- Masjid An-Nur

- Masjid Ar-Raudhah

- Masjid Assyakirin

- Masjid Darul Aman

- Masjid Darul Ghufran

- Masjid Darussalam

- Masjid Haji Mohd Salleh (Geylang)

- Masjid Haji Muhammad Salleh (Palmer Road)

- Masjid Hasanah

- Masjid Kampung Siglap

- Masjid Maarof

- Masjid Muhajirin

- Masjid Sallim Mattar

- Masjid Yusof Ishak

You may still make donations to these mosques using their UEN or PayNow QR Codes through your own banking app. We provide such publicly available information on our website as a matter of convenience and ease of reference for you.

See below FAQ: "How do I donate using the PayNow QR Code?"

As per their request, Tabung.SG confirms that these mosques are not affiliated with and/or are not cooperating with Tabung.SG in any manner.

We operate this platform to be of service to the community as well as to the mosques and Muslim charities. We will be more than happy to work with these Mosques if they decide to engageTabung.SG for full donation features in the future.

Please help email and/or reach out to your Mosque or Muslim charity if you would like them to be listed on Tabung.SG.

About Us

Tabung.SG is a ground-up initiative by a team of volunteers to provide our community with an easy and seamless way to donate to any Muslim charities, mosques and institutions from anywhere and at any time.

We have incorporated Tabung.SG as a public company limited by guarantee with UEN No.202105249M. While we are not a registered charity (as we do not carry out charitable activities ourselves), we do operate on a non-profit basis.

Learn more about The Team.


Select the mosque or charity that you wish to donate to. You may also use the Search Button in the top menu bar and enter the name of the mosque or charity that you are looking for.

Select the amount that you wish to donate, and press enter. Your donation will be recorded in the shopping cart.

Click on your shopping cart to confirm your donations. You will be taken to a payment information page where you will need to provide your name and card details.

Complete the transaction and you will have successfully made the donation. Congratulations!

Open your preferred Mobile Banking App and turn to the PayNow function on your App.

Select the function to scan a QR code and scan the mosque or charity’s PayNow QR Code.

If you are viewing the page on your mobile device, press and hold on the QR code to save the QR Code image to your phone. In the PayNow function in your Mobile Banking App, click on the option to access your images album and selected the QR Code image that you have just saved.

Confirm that the account name corresponds to the name of your selected mosque or charity.

Enter your intended donation amount and complete your donation.

Regulations require an online fundraising platform to enter into a fundraising agreement with every charity that they are raising or receiving funds for. Full donation functions can only be provided when the charity has been fully onboarded with a fundraising agreement.

Tabung.SG is a work in progress and we are engaging as many mosques and charities as we can to get them available as a recipient on Tabung.SG. Our aim is to have as many of them listed on this platform as possible.  

Tabung.SG will receive the funds from the payment vendor after around 7 days. We consolidate all donations over a period of 14 days to review for any suspicious transactions, as required by regulations. We will then transfer the donations to the respective mosque or charity. We will then send each mosque or charity periodic statements to confirm the donation amounts that have been transferred to them.

If you made your donation via PayNow QR Code, the donation will be transferred directly to the bank account of the mosque or charity.

All donations on the Tabung.SG website will be subject to the terms and conditions on our Terms of Use page. By proceeding to make a donation on Tabung.SG, you are agreeing to our Terms of Use.

Managing Your Recurring Contributions

Yes, we have built Tabung.SG so that you can manage your own contributions if you wish. To cancel your subscription, Login to your account here.
Under your details you will find Subscriptions. Click on the recurring subscription you would like to manage.
This will list all your previous subscriptions as well as the option to Pause or Cancel your subscription.

Yes. You can create as many recurring contributions as you would like.

For now we are limiting our contributions to a maximum of $100 per subscription and will review the amounts in due course.

Other Information

Tabung.SG is a work in progress and we are engaging as many mosques and charities as we can to get them available as a recipient on Tabung.SG. Our aim is to have as many of them listed on this platform as possible. We will continue to add them onto the platform over time.

Tabung.SG is our attempt to offer our sincere efforts for Allah s.w.t. and the community.

We saw a need to address some gaps and issues in this donation space. Particularly, we want to work with and enable the lesser known charities and organizations that can benefit from greater accessibility and awareness.

We are looking and willing to collaborate with anyone in our endeavours.

We provide a detailed explanation of how we operate on our Tabung.SG Operational Policies page.

Please feel free to reach us if you encounter any issues. You can send us a message through this email address: contact@tabung.sg

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